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Black and white Valentine hugs


Par for the course this year, I’m a couple days late and at least ten bucks short.  While there’s been some baking projects in 2014, I just can’t get them posted timely.


But I just couldn’t pass on these little guys, a tiny prints knockoff, piped onto simple egg shaped cookies.  They’ve got their heart in their hands and they are ready for love.


Now that’s a message worth passing on, even if it’s a little postage delayed.


For these cookies, I drew the design on paper within the shape of the egg cutter.  Then, using a Kopy Kake to project the lines on the cookie, I piped the white middles first and added the hearts and noses using the “wet on wet” technique.  When dry (or mostly dry), I outlined in the black (overlapping the white with the wings to create dimension).  Later, I came back to pipe in the eyes and the feet.  All in all, a pretty simple cookie, because I only had to mix three colors!


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Silly sweet treat Valentine cookies


It was right there in my old-fashioned mini paper calendar, all along. Already pre-marked and everything: Valentine’s Day, February 14th.


It was even the number I’ve come to expect since, I don’t know how long:  when I learned to count. Nonetheless, it creeped up on me to the tune of 2:00 a.m. last night.


I had promised – or more accurately – my mental heath insisted that I offer to make Valentine cookie favors for my children’s first grade and Kindergarten classes.


It was all intended in the vein of sweet fun and silly faces. And the task was accomplished, just a little rushed.


Fortunately for all involved, the icing dried in time and the “collection” met my sugar high vision of sweet treats with heart cheeks played out in eight colors.


When all the ribbon-ed packages were delivered, the kids were happy, the teachers were happy and I was happy, just a little tuckered out.


To celebrate and to cash in on the ultimate Mother’s Valentine, my husband fed and hustled the kids to bed tonight so that I could remain firmly on the couch, eating (some – just enough so they won’t notice) of the kids’ chocolates and taking in all the Downton Abbey, Project Runway and Nashville that my little heart desired.


Love, come full circle.



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My baby wrote me a letter…

…said he couldn’t live without me no more.

Listen, mister, can’t you see I got to get back to my baby once more–anyway…

Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane, I ain’t got time to take a fast train.

Lonely days are gone, I’m a-goin’ home, ‘Cause my baby wrote me a letter.

No, juuuuuust kidding.  Thank you, Box Tops (and Joe Cocker).  My baby is still just here, at home with me.  I made these cookies for our Kindergartener’s Valentine’s Day party, all while my husband watched TV downstairs.  That doesn’t mean these roll outs can’t be romantic, right?

Hope your V day is happy and full of, well, love.  (:


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On a wing and a rose cookies

At some point during almost every wedding ceremony I’ve ever attended, the guests are gently reminded that “love is patient.” 1 Corinthians 13:4. And while I had to Google it for confirmation, the Oregon Duck’s recent Rose Bowl win was a match that required patience. The Ducks last claimed victory in a Rose Bowl back in 1917. And according to the Duck’s beloved fans – my cousin-in-law among them – roses and wings was a love connection worth the 95 year wait.

My cousin’s husband celebrated his mid-January birthday mere days after I had a baby, so I wasn’t quite up for the attention royal icing requires, despite his affection for sugar cookies and my serial affection for making them. When another family dinner popped on the schedule, I couldn’t keep my hands away from the call of the piping bag. Cookie people understand. I know you do.

Love + wings surely must = a Duck’s fan. So the green heart cookie was a no-brainer.

Because the Oregon Ducks’ emblem is so simple (yellow “O” on green), it lends itself to the freehand baker and monogram cookies. For these, I printed a series of big O’s in a Times Roman font, set a sheet of waxed paper over the O’s and piped royal icing over the templates.

I let them dry overnight and then – ever so carefully – pulled them from the waxed paper and placed them in the still wet green icing of the heart.

Roses are red (I’ve heard), so that’s festive. Plus it gave me opportunity to take a page from the great Callye of the Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle (in this post, she uses an ice-cream cutter to create a Santa cookie) and repurpose a cookie cutter from a Wilton jungle set originally intended for a cute lion face:

For the rose cookie, I used the lion cutter to recreate the official rose of the Rose Bowl emblem for 2012. Here’s my chicken scratch:

I made this drawing to get a feel for the shapes in the rose and then went for it on each cookie. Each one is a little different, kind of like snowflakes. I did the leaves first and added edible glitter while the green icing was still wet. My hope was that the glitter could serve as a distraction, just in case the lines in the rose were a little off mark.

In the end, I don’t think the Duck hearts minded the flaws, because – concerning the Rose Bowl – it’s always been love at first sight.


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