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A little late to the party…Christmas cookies!


I know, it’s almost New Year’s Eve, but these Christmas cookies are about to land in cookie purgatory if I don’t get pictures posted before the 2013 holiday season is officially over.


This set was made in a rush all while my sweet parents were visiting for Christmas.  Amongst baking all of our Swedish Christmas favorites, like pepparkakor (a ginger snap perfect for coffee dipping) and cardamom rolls for Christmas morning, I made these cookies for friends’ parties along with some eclairs.  Whew.  I’m tired just thinking about all the work and the flour dust!

Here’s my cute mom baking with my big girls:


For this set, I was looking to do classic Christmas colors – deep red and green – on the hats, trees and Ruldophs.  I also wanted to throw in some glam ornaments and flocked snowflakes.  The ornaments were done by first flooding the bases with royal icing.  When dry, I sprayed Wilton gold and silver Color Mist over 6 inch square stencils and later added disco dust to the tops.


Ruldolph was based on a little guy in the “That’s Not My Reindeer” Usborne Books board book (Christmas adorbs).  I used a Wilton snowman with hat cookie cutter for the cookies, drew the reindeer to fit within the shape on paper and outlined it in black marker.  Then, I used a Kopy Kake to outline the deer in black before flooding.


The trees and hats were a bit free form, although I did add a star and scalloped circle cut out to the tops of each respective cookie before baking, to get the exaggerated  forms that cookies sometimes just need.  (;


Have a wonderful New Year’s…and try to get to your party on time (unlike someone we know….)


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Shamrock snowflake cookies


Somewhere very close to where I live, about and hour or so up, there’s still snow enough to ski, snow enough to walk lightly on snowshoes through the hush of a forest at night. Recent temperatures in the 50’s feels near balmy and it’s drawn people to tap their springtime dreams with a weekend spent clearing fallen brown pine needles from lawns and biking to the coffee shop near the park.


But for a group of 12 who remember that winter still thrives in higher elevations, a winter picnic and evening hike are on the agenda. These cookies were made to provide a (lucky) sweet ending to a sunset walk in the snow and to winter activities winding down for the season. A nod to the glistening magic of snow and its sliding, slippery recreational qualities, before we turn toward the sun and fields of grass green and dry enough for soccer games, tag and the lazy joy of spectating.



March 10, 2013 · 10:42 pm

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree…cookies!

These trees were the bees knees – to me – but only because I had a string of rhymes going there for a second.

Actually, they were part of the neighborhood party set I noted in the previous post. I made them more natural in the event I had extras (there were none) to bring to a public school teacher’s appreciation luncheon. In that case, the trees could simply be (admittedly, a tad sparkly) symbol of winter, just before winter break.

I liked the “forest effect” created by the flocked ones, with a hit of plain green every once in a while. Definitely a keeper and good for cookie sets.


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A bird in the tree (and three cookies in the hand)

A week ago, my five-year old daughter, Linnea, returned home from a three-day stay in the hospital to treat a staph infection.  The skin infection came on suddenly and oral antibiotics weren’t enough, so we admitted her to the hospital for IV antibiotics.  The medicine, plus the tender loving care she received by the hospital staff, did the trick and she is now home, happy and healthy.

To thank the people who made her stay as comfortable as possible, especially her sweet nurses and attentive docs, I made a trio of cookies inspired from a Thanksgiving card that evoked the last gasp of autumn before the winter holidays roll onto the scene.

The hope was to create a whimsical bird (which, without the beak and stick feet, could have doubled as a whale);

a wind-blown tree hanging on to the last of its golden leaves;

and little circles, mimicking clouds and the background design of the card.

We brought the cookies in to the “Peds Intermediate” floor the day before Thanksgiving.  It was a great way to say a quick thank you before the moment passed and life moved on to other patients, our busy lives, and kindness only remembered.


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