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Still squirreling away nuts cookies


I know, I know, I’m late for that very important date when nuts and leaves and a menagerie of fall colored sprinkles are still very much in vogue.  But then there was turkey to roast and gravy to not mess up, and all the other Thanksgiving fixins’ and accompanying fellowship that kept me from posting these little turkeys in time.


We have happily hosted Thanksgiving for the past few years.  Last year, I decided that my guests needed a shot of gingerbread to kick off the holidays, so I made placards for each guest.  To encourage sweets before dinner, I guess.  Everyone came back this year, so the trick must have worked.  (;


This year, I started with a squirrel cutter that I received from my sweet cousin Susie to create our Thanksgiving “greeters.”  Plain for boys and a little pink bow for girls.  Each squirrel had their own personal acorn treat, adorned with the aforementioned fall sprinkles.  Also a favorite of my almost two year old, who insisted on picking the acorns off like buttons….


I also made some turkey drumsticks from a whale cutter.  I just pinched the tail together and voila, an animal was transformed (for a moment, I felt like a Wonder Twin).



To create the “scale” texture on the chocolate-topped acorns and the footballs,  I pressed a mat onto the dough and rolled over it before cutting out the cookies.  This is the same technique I used on last year’s turkeys.


All in all – a very shades of brown set – but I figured the color needed to go out with a bang, before the onslaught of green and red that this season brings.  Before I drown in it, let me extend you a belated – but certainly heartfelt – Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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