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Big steps for baby elephant


This little peanut muncher marches forward with big elephant strides to celebrate the coming arrival of a baby girl!  For this set, I was asked to make plated cookies, using pinks and grays for an evening baby shower.


I went with a modern theme, starting with the elephant and a collection of abstract flowers and leaves, including a dark gray polka dot accent leaf.


IMG_4657All in all, a fun set.  It feels fresh and modern and full of spring.  Something my little corner of the world needs right now, as the snow falls all day in a persistent flurry.  Can’t wait to lighten the load and step out into spring!!!



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Sunny sunflower wedding cookies


What could possibly improve a lush, mid-summer day, buzzing with love and anticipation for a shared life ahead?


Sunflowers! Sunny, happy, message-bearing sunflowers!!!


Ones that say, “Hey! We’re a thing now – a long time, love is kind, sickness and health – kind of THING now….  So, how about you have a cookie and maybe some other stuff later…to celebrate all these WONDERFUL THINGS!”

sunflower cookie

Here’s one of the happy couple’s most enthusiastic celebrants, polishing off her third sunflower cookie!  Definitely a good thing!


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Quick garden cookies


This was just a quick little set of cookies I did during the hectic run up to the end of school. One of the last events of our year included a violin recital.While I had hoped to make music related cookies, I didn’t ever really believe I could manage it under the time and other pageant restraints.


I already had the cookies on hand in my freezer; extras from a past set. All I needed to do was revamp the leftover colors from my last cookie project a day prior. One evening and a few hours later, we were ready for the string section and the equally anticipated (at least for my family) cookie and punch reception that followed.



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Dahlias in plum and gray for baby k


My sweet friend Sally asked if I could make some cookies and help set the theme for a baby shower she was hosting for  a friend. Baby girl Kennedy is due to arrive soon and so we were hoping to strike a light, summer theme.


As often happens, I didn’t need to look further than the mom’s baby registry at Pottery Barn and the Dahlia Nursery Bumper Bedding Set in Plum for inspiration. Ultimately, I did three cookie designs. The featured two were a monogram cookie with a gray and white background, to match the crib bumper.


The second was a perfect replica in round of the stylized dahlia in plum and gray on the sheets and quilt.


To amp up the purple tones (and to allow Sally more color options for the shower), I added more regal purple to my icing for the “k’s” on the plaque cookie. Then I used the light and dark purples to create a few little birds.


This was a plated set, so I added the birds here and there as accent cookies, almost like parsley leaves at a restaurant, only sweeter. (;


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New beginnings spring cookies


It’s been a week of record breaking hot temperatures, appreciation for the wonderful teachers in my kids’ lives and lots of blooms.


Last Sunday, my little city hosted it’s annual Lilac City Bloom’s Day Run. While kid duty kept me from running it myself, I was able to enjoy the weather and this unusually warm spring that’s causing the grass to get a little greener and the tulips to pop more vividly.


I made this set for the party to wish Ms. Molly D., the student teacher in Linnea’s first grade class, a fond farewell as she graduates and journeys on to teach her very own students.


She was a wonderful addition to Linnea’s class and we can only imagine how happily she’ll be received in her new school next fall.


For this set, I was inspired by the spring season, Molly’s positive nature, and the new beginnings it all represents. Flutter on, beautiful butterfly!



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Flowers in the snow cookies


For the moment, pretty darn far up north – where I live – most of the snow has melted into barely green lawns dotted with brown, wet leaves from the prior fall and the expected – but still always surprising – clusters of crocuses in violets, lilacs and deep yellows.


Every spring, these beauties peek out from a thinning blanket of snow and call out to weary passerby that warmer weather will come soon. Maybe not today, or even for a few more weeks. They seem to say, “Don’t slip from the rock face, the ice will not pull you down. Soon, you’ll be on the other side of the mountain and the sun will shine warmly on your back.”


So when the late spring storm finds a way – as it always does – to accompany morning commutes and soak through the thin mesh of sneakers because the boots are packed away, we’re not as bothered.


We can imagine the snowflakes are crystal daisy chains (or in this case, tulip chains), leading the way to a season when snow becomes water, fast and cold in a creek bed, ready to receive bare legs in rolled up jeans and toes free of socks.  A transformation perfect for wading and then leaving, to meet the sun on our fronts and then our backs.



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Flowers for a friend and balls for her boys

I’ll never forget the subject line of my friend Kate’s email announcing the gender of her second and last child:  It’s Raining Men!

Seven plus years later, she’s still the lone gal among her husband, John, and their two boys. The whole family appears to live and breathe soccer: coaching, playing, card collecting, spectating. While Kate does not (yet) coach or prioritize soccer jerseys and basketball shorts as her wardrobe staples, she most enthusiastically encourages all her boys in their soccer endeavors (including John) and has allowed at least one family vacation to revolve around the game schedules of European futbol teams.

Needless to say, when it came time to “cookie thank” this wonderful family for their gifts to us, I knew I would be mixing up some black and white royal icing. I find soccer balls to be almost as tricky as character cookies to decorate. One missed angle and the whole series of hexagons are off!

So for this set, I pulled a simple coloring page of a soccer ball from the internet, sized the image on a copier to fit my standard 3 1/2 inch round cutter and used a KopyKake projector to pipe the outlines of the ball and shapes in black icing (piping consistency). Later, I filled in with white flood icing. Time consuming, but worth it!

I decided on the lily because it’s Kate’s favorite flower. For some reason, I imagined her favorite flower to be a dramatic red rose, but maybe that’s because the rose is my favorite. Maybe, when we like a person so much that we could squeeze them half to death when we see them, we assume we know all about what they like: stuff we like. But Kate surprised me with this one.  She prefers the simple, delicate lily above all other flowers. It must be a balance thing.  (;

For these flowers, I searched and searched for an image that I liked, but nothing struck me. Finally, I decided to draw the bloom myself within that same 3 1/2 inch circle. Once I was satisfied with the drawing, I traced the edges in black marker and used the KopyKake to project the image onto the cookie for piping, much like Jill FCS instructed on her fabulous guest post on Bearfoot Baker not too long ago.  Here are the links to Jill’s Facebook and Flickr pages, just in case you’re in need of some cookie nirvana.

For the petals, I used true white and off white flood icing because Kate specified white lilies as her favorite and I want Kate to always have her favorites.

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