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Woodland baby shower cookies

woodland cookies

The cookies in this trending baby shower theme were for a little boy, due to arrive this coming Monday, March 17th.  He’s one of the lucky few that actually has a shot at red hair and a St. Patty’s Day birthday.  But I digress.


This set is all whimsical woodland wonder and the pretty ways we can present shy forest animals in sophisticated orange-reds and navy blue.


The shower itself was a classic affair, held in a well-appointed wainscoted room, complete with pewter candlesticks and a crackling fire for cozy winter ambiance.  These cookies, individually wrapped and tied with red gingham ribbon, were scattered about the food table, assisting with decor and serving as that extra bit of sweet for guests to retrieve when errands pulled them from the party near the end of a Saturday afternoon.


The subjects were copied from a new beloved baby blanket, a gift from a young and childless auntie with good taste.  Who knows what item or animal will be the “it” baby theme when she’s ready to dive into parent-dom.  Puffy Toasters?  Clumsy-but-cute Daddy Long Legs?  Huggable Moray Eels?  Who knows.  But for now, auntie was right on the money.  (;



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