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A little late to the party…Christmas cookies!


I know, it’s almost New Year’s Eve, but these Christmas cookies are about to land in cookie purgatory if I don’t get pictures posted before the 2013 holiday season is officially over.


This set was made in a rush all while my sweet parents were visiting for Christmas.  Amongst baking all of our Swedish Christmas favorites, like pepparkakor (a ginger snap perfect for coffee dipping) and cardamom rolls for Christmas morning, I made these cookies for friends’ parties along with some eclairs.  Whew.  I’m tired just thinking about all the work and the flour dust!

Here’s my cute mom baking with my big girls:


For this set, I was looking to do classic Christmas colors – deep red and green – on the hats, trees and Ruldophs.  I also wanted to throw in some glam ornaments and flocked snowflakes.  The ornaments were done by first flooding the bases with royal icing.  When dry, I sprayed Wilton gold and silver Color Mist over 6 inch square stencils and later added disco dust to the tops.


Ruldolph was based on a little guy in the “That’s Not My Reindeer” Usborne Books board book (Christmas adorbs).  I used a Wilton snowman with hat cookie cutter for the cookies, drew the reindeer to fit within the shape on paper and outlined it in black marker.  Then, I used a Kopy Kake to outline the deer in black before flooding.


The trees and hats were a bit free form, although I did add a star and scalloped circle cut out to the tops of each respective cookie before baking, to get the exaggerated  forms that cookies sometimes just need.  (;


Have a wonderful New Year’s…and try to get to your party on time (unlike someone we know….)


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Finally! Some Christmas cookies!


Although the snow has yet to really fly this Christmas season for us, I couldn’t wait to break out the snowflake and mitten cutters.


The boundless options for snowflakes are always appealing.  So many designs – all unique!  Also, there’s a simplicity to making snowflake cookies.  Usually, I decorate with white on white, with a little snow shimmer to finish.  The cookies are flooded in white the night before and the next night, creativity can step right in without a stop at the icing color mixing station.


The mittens didn’t take too much more thinking, just a bit of red and green, always on hand at Christmastime.


I also threw in the smiling tree because we all need a little cute in Christmas.


The Santa is a blissful take on a Meri Meri two cutter set I found in the Fancy Flours catalog in November.  When I saw it, I simply had to have it, ASAP.


As you might know, my name is Kristina and I am a cookie cutter addict.  I make goat trails out of bins of cookie cutters.  I honk for cookie cutters.  I make friends think twice about leaving their best cutters out in plain view, for fear that I’ll get my floured mitts on them and never let go….  Christmas is an especially difficult time for these friends – what with all the vintage, well made cutters from Grandma – waiting for me to drool over.  They’re lucky I don’t have big puppy dog eyes….



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The winter cookies a/k/a holiday stragglers post

IMG_0552There were times in December, when I felt like a piping machine, accompanied by powdered sugar puffs all over my kitchen (and self) and an arthritic future to boot. While I was definitely dreaming in cookies, I could barely get them baked, frosted and dried before it was time to send them off to their little holiday destinations.


Sometimes, I’m amazed I ever get pictures at all, because I usually allow no more than 10 minutes to find the camera, pick some good ones and shove the plate as close to a south facing window as possible. Just thinking about it stresses me out a little.


Maybe I should make a note to add that to my New Year’s resolutions. Plan ahead more…and don’t forget to feed the kids. So here’s the last of the 2012 holiday sets. I promise, for reals.



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Santa on the half shell with a cupcake for dessert and a reindeer chaser


I really should be asleep now, preparing for a day full of children  and…well, I guess that’s enough. The thing is, I have Christmas cookies on the brain, including these Santa cookies that wedged their little Christmas personas onto some unlikely cutters (as if I didn’t already have enough Santa cutters).


Santa on the half shell, of course.


Followed by a sweetheart of a guy, his cupcake cousin.


And, finally, Cupid and Vixen.  Are they feuding again?


Merry Christmas, everyone!




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Christmas ornament odds n’ ends


I’m currently sitting pretty in my in-laws home, enjoying some of the best parts of the season:  leisure time with family. The rush of cookie projects, cards and present wrapping is behind me and all that’s left to do is monitor my kids’ candy cane intake and make important Saturday night movie decisions, like Elf or Santa Claus 2. Elf is the clear winner for me.


Before I landed on this easy chair, I spent some time with these roll outs:


Silly star ornaments with dazzling lights.



Shamrock baubles…


and cross cookies for the best little Irish Catholic family ever.


Sugarplums and snowflakes.




with Christmas trees (thanks to the tree technique so aptly demonstrated recently by LilaLoa).


And lastly, little Rudolphs. Merry night before the night before Christmas Eve!



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Scandinavian Santas and some socks


Early this December, like many before, I traveled to a Scandinavian Christmas shop with my relatives, to pick something that reminded me of my Swedish (but not real blonde) roots. (;


The shop is full of red and white decorations in simple, bold designs. The tomte (or tomten), the little Swedish elf that brings presents on Christmas eve, is one of my favorites.


Some of the crafted tomtes I’ve seen, including the ones my Swedish Grandma used to bring to me, are made of wooden balls painted red and dotted with black for buttons. On top is another ball, dabbed with a few more dots of black for eyes and a wad of white wool for a beard.  On the tippity top is a felt red hat wound in a cone. And that is that. Instant childhood memory and Santa made simple.


Here’s the little guy in cookie (I used an inverted ice cream cone cutter), along with some stockings, also adorned in red and white, including a little crushed candy cane, just to amp up the sweetness.  God Jul!



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The post where I fell in love with the Land of Nod catalog and then drooled…

IMG_0203So I think I mentioned that I crushed on this month’s Land of Nod/Land of Nothing I Can Afford gifts catalog. Naturally, instead of purchasing anything from it, I placed it under my pillow and dreamed of cookie designs that matched the artful Christmas gifts inside. Among them, was the silly tree I obsessed about yesterday, and a bunch of other animated cuties.


Birdie ornaments. “Putting a bird on it” still makes everything cuter in my world, especially when it really just amounts to layered blobs of wet-on-wet icing, like this roly-poly bird:


Or this retro classic chicken of sorts:


I also fell for the sleeping gingerbread house, with its dotty roof and rounded eyelids. Sweet dreams indeed!



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