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Cherishing Cherish Sweets!

cherish sweets cupcake

Hey there – if you’re looking for my recent treat obsessions, please find me at my new website and baker/blog identity:  Cherish Sweets.

My new blog can be found on the link below – just click and you’ll be back in a little slice of baking utopia:


It’s the same format as paddle attachment always was….  I’m still hopelessly devoted to baking and the paddle attachment on my Kitchen Aid standing mixer(s).  I have two – a big and a little – and they’re still red.  But Cherish Sweets is all PINK and bit of chocolate brown.


I am looking to expand my baking hobby into something more.  I’m not quite ready to license my home kitchen for commercial baking sales under Washington State law, but I’m getting close.  So I decided to first choose a company name and build a brand that evoked the happy anticipation of those beautiful, yummy treats reserved for cherished occasions.  Like weddings and birthday parties and babies (and weeknight wine nights, if you have at least one sweet tooth that resembles my whole set).

lemon cookie collection2

The name, “Cherish Sweets” came from the deep brainstorming wells of three girlfriends road tripping their way across the state to attend a Madonna concert.  Talk of my baking dreams was on the agenda, as was surface analysis of Madonna’s classics, including – you guessed it – Cherish (sing along with me now, “cherish the love”).  Right then and there on I-90, I landed on the perfect name for the butter dough and confection sugar dusted place where my heart happily wanders and experiments.

A few weeks later, but long before I found a fabulous local graphic artist and web designer, Karli Ingersoll, who makes everything pretty and perfect, I found this cupcake ornament, a discounted leftover from a vintage sweets Christmas display in an antiques shop.  It’s single message spoke to me.

Please continue with me on this cherished (get it?) baking journey.  There’s a lot more sugar to obsess about!

Take care,





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