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Big steps for baby elephant


This little peanut muncher marches forward with big elephant strides to celebrate the coming arrival of a baby girl!  For this set, I was asked to make plated cookies, using pinks and grays for an evening baby shower.


I went with a modern theme, starting with the elephant and a collection of abstract flowers and leaves, including a dark gray polka dot accent leaf.


IMG_4657All in all, a fun set.  It feels fresh and modern and full of spring.  Something my little corner of the world needs right now, as the snow falls all day in a persistent flurry.  Can’t wait to lighten the load and step out into spring!!!



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Classic children’s books, now in butterback


I think I might have really fooled her this time – that almost 20-month old of mine. As I was photographing these cookies, she cried and cried when I wouldn’t give her a Very Hungry Caterpillar cookie, despite her repeated chest pumps and screams for “me, ME!!!,” which translates simply to “mine.”


As in, “that’s mine. Give the book to me immediately or the screaming torture will continue indefinitely.”


Unfortunately for Ren, these cookies were not painstakingly piped and painted for her, but for two little twin babies yet to be born – a boy and a girl – as wrapped favors at their mom’s baby shower. The theme was classic children’s books, a brilliant idea for a double gender baby shower!


I must admit, my mission – which I chose to accept (sort of) – was to make some basic books with a cute bookworm peeking out. But I couldn’t handle those blank covers!


Especially with all the silly, colorful, totally recognizable board books out there just screaming to be recreated in royal icing. So I went for it, all over scheduled, not-enough-time-in-the-day (or night) whole of me. Ultimately, I made four book covers (six cookies per design).


Can you recognize this quality literature for the preschool set?


Goodnight Moon, because of all the darn stuff in that room, was likely the most difficult. Remind me to stick with solid color curtains for all future decorating projects (baking or otherwise). Piping the starry window was my favorite part of this cookie.


Recreating a cute Corduroy six times over was also a bit tedious, but worth it in the end with that red background!


My husband likes the caterpillar the best because of the color pop, but I’m partial to that soft Pat the Bunny. Probably because it really is just for baby.


For these cookies, I used the Kopy Kake and a lot of wet-on-wet technique. Once the first application dried over night, I did some actual painting with royal icing and various flat brushes. For Corduroy, I used a black fine tip food marker to add the face, fur and other details.  Final piping, such as outlines and lettering, were added last.


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Toys on the move for baby boy


These little motorized toy cookies are buzzing in to welcome baby Mac into our busy world.


As he’ll soon see, there are lots of ways to get around, by boat:


By truck:


And by plane:


May he find many fluffy clouds for landing and lots of exciting destinations!



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Dahlias in plum and gray for baby k


My sweet friend Sally asked if I could make some cookies and help set the theme for a baby shower she was hosting for  a friend. Baby girl Kennedy is due to arrive soon and so we were hoping to strike a light, summer theme.


As often happens, I didn’t need to look further than the mom’s baby registry at Pottery Barn and the Dahlia Nursery Bumper Bedding Set in Plum for inspiration. Ultimately, I did three cookie designs. The featured two were a monogram cookie with a gray and white background, to match the crib bumper.


The second was a perfect replica in round of the stylized dahlia in plum and gray on the sheets and quilt.


To amp up the purple tones (and to allow Sally more color options for the shower), I added more regal purple to my icing for the “k’s” on the plaque cookie. Then I used the light and dark purples to create a few little birds.


This was a plated set, so I added the birds here and there as accent cookies, almost like parsley leaves at a restaurant, only sweeter. (;


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Sweet baby gray cookies


I was waiting for the message in my email or Facebook message boxes as soon as I learned one of my New York cousins was having her first baby. A boy, a sweet baby boy! He is due to arrive in late May and will join two (ever so slightly) older baby boy cousins in the baby chain my extended family is building in 2013.


The request finally came from his Grammy, my aunt and wonderfully enthusiastic fan of my cookie work. Aunt Laura’s compliments and attention help me to keep up the blog thing while the rest of life whizzes by….


This set was made for a baby shower and it was intended to match the sophisticated gray and white chevron and dotted patterns of the nursery. Of course, I always seek a dash of cuteness and a dash of color too….


For the chevron plaque cookies, I flooded the cookies in white and applied the gray using the wet-on-wet technique with (approximately) a 14 second gray icing.  I used a Kopy Kake projector and a chevron pattern to get those angles just right.


The “popcorn” lambs were inspired by a stuffed lamb that appeared on the baby registry and the yellow diaper pins were a copy of a design I fell in love with on Flickr a while back.  I looked in my photo favorites, but I can’t quite place the original cookie gal for this design.  If anyone knows, please give me a shout and I’ll insert the proper link!


All in all, the set came out as sweet and elegant as I had hoped, much like the family it was designed for….



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Rocking horse and star baby boy cookies


Here’s a quick look at some cowboy-ish cookies I made for a baby boy’s shower.  Due in December, rockin’ out in 2013!


For the star, I wanted to create those “dimensional” stars you sometimes see on people’s houses.  Kind of sets the mood for an all American/western theme.  To get the lines right, I drew on the pre-iced cookies with an edible marker.


I intended to use a straight edge, but the lines were so short, it worked to draw them free hand.


For the rocking horse, I was trying to get the look of the horse on the invitation, within the confines of the cutter.


Ultimately, I went for a “Scandinavian Design” kind of ultra modern furniture look.  I added the star after the brown icing dried and then added the final brown outline.  The shower’s tomorrow.  Can’t wait to hear how things went!



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Classic nursery toys cookies

Sometimes…when you’re up late at night with your six-week old, you see something wonderful in well-worn baby pajamas, like this gentle teddy bear and tiny toy duck:

This sweet little image bobbed around in my head until I was invited to a gender neutral baby shower for a friend. Per usual, I insisted on making favor cookies and found opportunity to recreate these nursery favorites in sugar and butter.

For the furry guy, I started with my only teddy bear cutter and made some sketches to get the “feel” of the cookie for piping. For the duck, I started with a basic scalloped square cutter.

I chose an ivory base for both and first piped in the puffy head and feet for the bear (using “flood” consistency to pipe and flood).  After waiting 20 minutes or so, I piped in the belly – and finally – after waiting 20 minutes more, I added the arms. For this set, I made 25 bears.  Usually, by the time I finished one part on the last, the first was dry enough to add the next part, so I wasn’t ever “waiting” for frosting to dry.

Once set, the bear’s details were piped over in chocolate-brown.  Then I added a turquoise ribbon and finally, when all was good and dry, I used pearl dust in “Mushroom” to brush in shadows for definition, just like the bear on the pj’s.

My only regret are the bear’s “water wings;” those extra bits of cookie arms.

Next time, when I actually know what I’m doing, I’ll trim those arms before the cookie is baked, all custom like.

The duck cookie began as an ivory scalloped slate with wet on wet brown dots.

Once dry, I piped in the duck’s head and the blue wheel.

Later, I connected it all with the duck’s yellow body.  Finally, I added the pull string and pink dots (just to keep the shower guests guessing about the baby’s gender).

By now, the party’s over and the cookies are all gobbled up.  But before that newborn sleeper is packed away forever, I can be assured that I’ve tucked away one sweet memory from the first days of this mama’s babies.


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