Black and white Valentine hugs


Par for the course this year, I’m a couple days late and at least ten bucks short.  While there’s been some baking projects in 2014, I just can’t get them posted timely.


But I just couldn’t pass on these little guys, a tiny prints knockoff, piped onto simple egg shaped cookies.  They’ve got their heart in their hands and they are ready for love.


Now that’s a message worth passing on, even if it’s a little postage delayed.


For these cookies, I drew the design on paper within the shape of the egg cutter.  Then, using a Kopy Kake to project the lines on the cookie, I piped the white middles first and added the hearts and noses using the “wet on wet” technique.  When dry (or mostly dry), I outlined in the black (overlapping the white with the wings to create dimension).  Later, I came back to pipe in the eyes and the feet.  All in all, a pretty simple cookie, because I only had to mix three colors!


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3 responses to “Black and white Valentine hugs

  1. LOVE the colors – so bright and happy.

  2. Amy S

    So stinkin cute!!

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