Looking forward sun cake


I thought this post would work for today, a day we fall back an hour for daylight savings.  The gesture reminds me of a cake I did for a gal’s 40th birthday party a few months ago.  It was a surprise couple’s party at a bar, hosted by the birthday girl’s best friend.  After finding a boat load of golden streamers, plates and other party stuff at the dollar store, the host landed on the theme “40 is Golden.”


When she first presented the theme to me (to translate into a cake on a budget), I couldn’t get past images of golden anniversaries and the decadent frills of my grandparents’ cake that marked their 50th wedding anniversary.  I knew right then – while beautiful – gilded roses entwining the cake just might strangle the just-leaving-her-30’s recipient (that is, if she is even 1/10th as vain as me).


So…I opted for modern whimsy with a sun face that winks to the future, knowing that the days ahead will be just as promising and full as the days already gone.

The cake was yummy and a bit of a hybrid – 3 layers of my go-to chocolate cake with a Nutella cloud icing topped with a made-from-scratch marshmallow fondant with gold details made with piping gel and gold disco dust.  It felt like a bit of a risk – but then so is life – if we let it.


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6 responses to “Looking forward sun cake

  1. Darling & so wonderfully written!

  2. Ann mires

    Amazing Kristina! I love it.

    Sent from my iPad

  3. What a unique and lovely cake!

  4. I love how you run with a theme!

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