Halloween grab bag!


This little set came together as  favors for a Halloween themed birthday party.  Cute stuff for a cute kiddo!  We started with classic jack-o-lanterns –


those bug-eyed bats from last year (still searching for their anxiety meds) –


and some giant candy corn, gone cute.


I just can’t get enough of those wide set eyes and a little turn of a mouth on cookies.  It must be my affection for pop art with a Hello Kitty sensibility.  Nothing says Halloween like Hello Kitty’s cousin –  a saucer-eyed candy corn – right?  Who needs skulls and gore and haunting when the sugar’s so nice, don’t you think?


Have a great fall!  In the meantime, I’ll keep orange on the royal icing palette through Thanksgiving!


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6 responses to “Halloween grab bag!

  1. lisathebearfootbaker

    So cute! I love any cookie with a cute smile!

  2. Laura

    I’d love to do Trick or Treat at your house! Certainly the adults would deserve a wonderful Halloween Grab Bag like this!

  3. Us

    If cookies can have personality it’s this set, especially the CORN!

  4. Amy S

    Candy corns & bats are adorable!

  5. noyomoco

    Very cute!

  6. They are adorable! Cuteness all the way!!!

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