Classic children’s books, now in butterback


I think I might have really fooled her this time – that almost 20-month old of mine. As I was photographing these cookies, she cried and cried when I wouldn’t give her a Very Hungry Caterpillar cookie, despite her repeated chest pumps and screams for “me, ME!!!,” which translates simply to “mine.”


As in, “that’s mine. Give the book to me immediately or the screaming torture will continue indefinitely.”


Unfortunately for Ren, these cookies were not painstakingly piped and painted for her, but for two little twin babies yet to be born – a boy and a girl – as wrapped favors at their mom’s baby shower. The theme was classic children’s books, a brilliant idea for a double gender baby shower!


I must admit, my mission – which I chose to accept (sort of) – was to make some basic books with a cute bookworm peeking out. But I couldn’t handle those blank covers!


Especially with all the silly, colorful, totally recognizable board books out there just screaming to be recreated in royal icing. So I went for it, all over scheduled, not-enough-time-in-the-day (or night) whole of me. Ultimately, I made four book covers (six cookies per design).


Can you recognize this quality literature for the preschool set?


Goodnight Moon, because of all the darn stuff in that room, was likely the most difficult. Remind me to stick with solid color curtains for all future decorating projects (baking or otherwise). Piping the starry window was my favorite part of this cookie.


Recreating a cute Corduroy six times over was also a bit tedious, but worth it in the end with that red background!


My husband likes the caterpillar the best because of the color pop, but I’m partial to that soft Pat the Bunny. Probably because it really is just for baby.


For these cookies, I used the Kopy Kake and a lot of wet-on-wet technique. Once the first application dried over night, I did some actual painting with royal icing and various flat brushes. For Corduroy, I used a black fine tip food marker to add the face, fur and other details.  Final piping, such as outlines and lettering, were added last.


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10 responses to “Classic children’s books, now in butterback

  1. Laura

    Oh my gosh! You have really outdone yourself this time! Absolutely amazing, Kristina. I love, love, love these. The detail is incredible. So are you!

  2. Seriously AMAZING! I had a book themed baby shower and these would have been perfect for sure! 🙂

  3. Us

    Corduroy stands out to me but as you know I love all butterbacked books!

  4. OKAY!!! So these really, really are my favorite ever.

  5. Amy S

    Leo: I don’t think any frosting design is too advanced for Miss Kristina!

  6. Love them all, but the Corduroy colors are so awesome! Seriously, can cookies be framed? I would need an extra batch so I could actually eat one because I would want some to keep – can you whip some up for me in your spare time plz?

  7. Meghan McLaughlin

    Patrick and I admired in amazement! You are truly unbelievable!

  8. These cookies are fantastic! You’re amazing!

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