Let’s go SAINTS! cookies


Who dat said they gon bake dem Saints cookies? Who dat? Me, me!


A work associate of my husband’s and a really great guy is a die hard New Orlean’s Saints fan.


For his birthday this year, he asked for Saints cookies and I couldn’t wait to dive into the black and gold.


In honor of the Saint’s 2013 season opener today and their late possession WIN over the Falcons (go defense!!!), I thought I’d post this Saints set.


Before this little post is over, I must admit that while I spent a couple wonderful years in Louisiana in my early twenties, my true loyalties lie with my husband’s beloved hometown team. If you look closely, you might guess who dat.


I couldn’t resist sneaking it in the set. Our buddy assured me that, he too, couldn’t resist biting into it first and bucking that bronco out of the field. Touche and…game on! (;



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6 responses to “Let’s go SAINTS! cookies

  1. Us

    Fantastic job as usual and such a fun, feel good story!

  2. Amy S

    You sound like an actual football fan! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love those cookies!

  3. Bill

    And to top it all off, looks weren’t the only part. They tasted amazing!! Said this guy, the Saints fan, who ate nearly all of them!!

  4. Awesome cookies, Kristina! ๐Ÿ™‚

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