Little bitty house cookie


As demonstrated by my childhood afternoons spent rearranging the miniature furniture in the doll house my Dad made in his spare time, I have always loved all things little bitty (kind of like Alan Jackson), especially if the collection of little things depicts a past I never knew, like a Victorian manor – or something magical – like a tiny fairy home carved out of a bright red toadstool, nestled safely in a grassy nook.


This little cookie set (mushroom house with tiny winged homeowner) were wrapped cookie favors made to celebrate a 5 year old’s birthday.  I loved figuring out how to make and place the paned glass (apply the pane frosting first – as smoothly as possible – as expertly demonstrated by Mike at Semi Sweet).

From there, I outlined the window panes and door in brown and filled in with the gray base. When that was dry enough to handle, I added the red “roof,” varying the swoop on each cookie a bit, hoping to ultimately create a “field” of fairy houses.  I added the white spots immediately thereafter. Then, I added more powdered sugar to some green and purple frosting I had for flooding to get a piping consistency. Those icings were used to create the leaves and blooms flowing from the little bitty window boxes.


The next morning – when all was dry – I added the sparkle to the fairy’s wings and wand.  I also added the gold luster paint to the “brass” handle and hinges on the door and brushed in the mushroom detail on the gray base with petal dust. Oh, magical petal dust – fitting for a little bitty fairy house – don’t you think?


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5 responses to “Little bitty house cookie

  1. Us

    I think the set is wonderfully magical! How happy that little 5 year old must have been.

  2. noyomoco

    Oh my gosh – SO cute! I love the vine details under the windows 🙂

  3. You know I love these!!

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