A favorite stripey monogram cookie


Let me just begin with a hearty, Happy Sugar Cookie Day, everyone!!! While I get that this is a manufactured holiday of unknown origin, I can hardly let a day devoted to the subject of my dreams (and virtually every waking hour) pass by without a sugar cookie post.  So here we go. (;


At some point in the process of having and acquiring kids, a family finds that its baby stuff-o-meter is plumb full and there just isn’t room among the already well appointed collection of baby gear to add another teensie-weensie onesie, jungle teething toy or baby bouncer, despite the fact that everything comes is cool, sophisticated colors these days.


That’s when a basket of baby cookies, all cute and tied up in ribbons of those same sophisticated nursery colors, is the perfect choice. The key is delivering your basket of vanilla-butter-sugar delights just before mom gives birth, so that she can enjoy every last cookie crumb before calorie counting ever hits the radar.


I made this set for a friend who wanted to surprise a third-time mom a few days before the scheduled c-section. The family was expecting their second son, Finn, so I had plenty of direction for this elephant-monogram set.


I started with a the Land of Nod baby bedding sets, one of my favorite inspiration points for baby cookies. While there, I saw a fitted sheet that just screamed, “Copy me in sugar, pronto!” So I did.  I also wanted to pair the classic print with an unexpected punch of color, in teal. Some wet-on-wet icing application, drying time, and a few colors later, we had a baby gift. Without need for re-gifting, re-turning or re-cycling later.



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3 responses to “A favorite stripey monogram cookie

  1. Us

    That sweet elephant looks sooo sleepy! So special for the Momma!

  2. Amy S

    So cute!! Love it!

  3. Love these. So cute, yet so sophisticated for a baby 🙂

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