Dahlias in plum and gray for baby k


My sweet friend Sally asked if I could make some cookies and help set the theme for a baby shower she was hosting for  a friend. Baby girl Kennedy is due to arrive soon and so we were hoping to strike a light, summer theme.


As often happens, I didn’t need to look further than the mom’s baby registry at Pottery Barn and the Dahlia Nursery Bumper Bedding Set in Plum for inspiration. Ultimately, I did three cookie designs. The featured two were a monogram cookie with a gray and white background, to match the crib bumper.


The second was a perfect replica in round of the stylized dahlia in plum and gray on the sheets and quilt.


To amp up the purple tones (and to allow Sally more color options for the shower), I added more regal purple to my icing for the “k’s” on the plaque cookie. Then I used the light and dark purples to create a few little birds.


This was a plated set, so I added the birds here and there as accent cookies, almost like parsley leaves at a restaurant, only sweeter. (;


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2 responses to “Dahlias in plum and gray for baby k

  1. GORGEOUS, Kristina! I love the way you did the wet on wet – it kept its shape so nicely! The colors are seriously perfect together!

  2. Us

    So very elegant!

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