Rubber ducky you’re the…cookie!


There’s something about the synergy created when you put a lemony-orange yellow next to a deep bright blue. It just makes me happy. Calmer. Pleased to be alive. Even now, as I review and edit these photos of a gaggle of rubber duckies, floating along in serene, blue pools of royal icing, I am happier.


It’s no surprise, then, that these cookies were made to celebrate a happy occasion:  the first birthday of our friends’ son, William. Back when my seven year old baby turned one, we celebrated with a rubber ducky theme. As I recall, Linnea didn’t want anything to do with the fluffy bright blue “water” frosting piled high on her birthday cupcakes, or the yellow Peep that completed the sugar load. But she was happy, probably because of the yellow and blue streamers pinned around the house….


For William’s party, the ducky cookies took center stage, accompanied by polka dot number ones and a monogram cookie with his first initial.


For single letter piping on a cookie, I’ve gotten into the habit of looking up a font I like on the computer, usually in my word processing program, and then free-hand piping it onto the cookie. However, once you add another letter, or a whole word into the mix, I change my tune. Then the need for straight lines and uniformity take over and I go running back to the projector for piping perfection.


I did use the Kopy Kake to achieve the right placement and dimension for the ducky’s features. For this cookie, I started with a thin outline in blue and then flooded the cookie round. Once dry, I started “building” the duck by piping separate, non-touching features, waiting 20 minutes or so, and then going back to add another. The eyes were wet-on-wet and the beak was completed last. Like the mouth on a person’s face, it proved to be the trickiest.


I found that treating it like just a simple shape and adhering to the lines (without additional flourish) was the best approach (cookies with wonky duck bills not photographed).  (;


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7 responses to “Rubber ducky you’re the…cookie!

  1. Laura

    These are adorable, Kristina! You continue to do amazing things.

  2. LIsa G

    Now I want a cookie! Yummy and cute 🙂

  3. Amy S

    So cute! love it!

  4. Jeanette


    And I remember that party. I even have photos….

  5. These are awesome! The dimension of the rubber ducky cookie is totally perfect! I love the eyes too 🙂

  6. Deana Casey

    These are adorable! I am in the process of planning my son’s 1st birthday party. I want these!!! Would you make and sell these?

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