New beginnings spring cookies


It’s been a week of record breaking hot temperatures, appreciation for the wonderful teachers in my kids’ lives and lots of blooms.


Last Sunday, my little city hosted it’s annual Lilac City Bloom’s Day Run. While kid duty kept me from running it myself, I was able to enjoy the weather and this unusually warm spring that’s causing the grass to get a little greener and the tulips to pop more vividly.


I made this set for the party to wish Ms. Molly D., the student teacher in Linnea’s first grade class, a fond farewell as she graduates and journeys on to teach her very own students.


She was a wonderful addition to Linnea’s class and we can only imagine how happily she’ll be received in her new school next fall.


For this set, I was inspired by the spring season, Molly’s positive nature, and the new beginnings it all represents. Flutter on, beautiful butterfly!



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5 responses to “New beginnings spring cookies

  1. Amy S

    Love those butterflies!

  2. Us

    Spring at it’s best!

  3. Cynthia D

    Miss Molly is my daughter! Thank you for honoring her with your beautiful creations. We have enjoyed following your artistry and now trying a few of our own 🙂

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