Belle of the Ball Cinderella Cookies


So many of us have them, little balls of flyaway hair, polyester lace and shiny fabric draped with neon beads and Hello Kitty necklaces. They greet us in the mornings with bright, Disney princess p.j.’s, ready to fight for the cause:  I am princess, hear me ROAR (or in very rare cases, delicately address my devoted subjects). Hear me wave sequin wands with spells that make beloved stuffed animals come to life. Hear me stumble on plastic heels and don’t mind the peanut butter and jelly on the tutu. I’m not taking it off, EVER.  At least not until bedtime, when I’ll insist on summer princess pajamas, no matter the temperature.


In honor of this royal realm and the fleeting princess years, is the Princess Birthday. Lucky for me (a gal who still holds tight to her inner princess), a friend asked me to make Cinderella cookies for her sweet Cinderella’s 3rd birthday. My younger daughters and I attend toddler class with Princess Charlotte and her mom. And I can honestly tell you that over the last two months of class,  I have not seen Ms. Charlotte without the iconic blue Cinderella dress draped over her “regular” clothes.


It’s a joy to see and even more fun to create in sugar and butter. For these regal beauties, I leaned heavily on Sweetopia’s post featuring this very cookie, based on the art of suisei-ojii-sama. It’s a wonderful princess poster that taps all of the princess details that distinguish one glorious puff of tulle from another. Yet, the designs are modern, simple and relatively easy to translate to cookie.

I immediately fell in love with Sweetopia’s version of this cookie. For this set, I made a smaller cookie, times 20. For the smaller scale, I decided to omit some of the contrast outline piping. To create the shape, I pulled up the image on the internet, took a picture of the enlarged Cinderella image with my phone, then downloaded and printed the picture. From there, I used a black pen to outline the outside shapes and sized the image using a copier. Once the image fit my cookie, I used a Kopy Kake to draw the outline with a yellow food marker (sound familiar?)


From there, I piped, flooded and later piped in the details, adding the eyes and the overpiping last. Very last was the earring sparkle.  Once the icing was dry, I painted Cinderella’s baubles with white/shimmer Disco Dust mixed with a few drops of vodka (the alcohol evaporates, but doesn’t pit the icing while still wet).

The simplicity of the face and other features remind me of Hello Kitty, another favorite of princesses. (;


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2 responses to “Belle of the Ball Cinderella Cookies

  1. Us

    Yet another happy little Princess! I love the earrings…

  2. Princess Charlotte surely loved her very special and very pretty birthday cookies!

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