Ready to PAR-TAY owl cookies

IMG_1834Soft pink, bright pink, pale green, white and chocolate brown. Put it all together for a first birthday and you’ve got a baby well on her way to little girl.


This particular pumpkin – Emmy’s – first birthday party came with the whisper from a whimsical little owl, perched on tiny tree branch and all dressed up for the party.


I made these cookies as favors for my cousin’s daughter, on the one year marker for the quilted birds and bottle cookies I did for her baby shower last January. These cookies tapped the same pastel palate.


The owl’s wrapped gift – like all thoughtful presents – required some planning. To place the present right on the owl’s belly and under it’s right wing, I needed to make royal icing transfers a day ahead.


Which prompted me to select the right cookie cutter and size the design for the cookie. To do this, I cut the owl’s image from the invitation and copied it on a home copier. Then I copied the image of the owl and changed the size until I found the size that fit the cookie.


I was able to free-hand most of the details, but it was important to get the shape and position of the owl’s body correct. To do that, I made a template of the body from a plastic sheet intended for sewing patterns. It was great for doing a number of cookies (50 plus in this case) because plastic is (virtually) forever. Once made, I simple traced around the template with an edible food marker, in yellow.


To accompany the owls, I also made a few monogram cookies, leaves and number one’s. Such fun for a sweet baby, er, toddler. (;



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8 responses to “Ready to PAR-TAY owl cookies

  1. Janice Mattson

    These sweet treats for Emmy’s first birthday were the hit of the party! Loved by both kids and adults!! Thank you Kristina for providing such a special addition to a great day!

  2. Us

    You’re right, the package seals the deal on the owl! I love your contemporary flair… Well done.

  3. These are adorable – love the color combination!

  4. Amy S

    Seriously cute! Love them!

  5. These are beautiful, Kristina! I adore the color combinations šŸ™‚

  6. I also love the color combination! The owl, his hat, and the present are TOO CUTE!

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