Silly sweet treat Valentine cookies


It was right there in my old-fashioned mini paper calendar, all along. Already pre-marked and everything: Valentine’s Day, February 14th.


It was even the number I’ve come to expect since, I don’t know how long:  when I learned to count. Nonetheless, it creeped up on me to the tune of 2:00 a.m. last night.


I had promised – or more accurately – my mental heath insisted that I offer to make Valentine cookie favors for my children’s first grade and Kindergarten classes.


It was all intended in the vein of sweet fun and silly faces. And the task was accomplished, just a little rushed.


Fortunately for all involved, the icing dried in time and the “collection” met my sugar high vision of sweet treats with heart cheeks played out in eight colors.


When all the ribbon-ed packages were delivered, the kids were happy, the teachers were happy and I was happy, just a little tuckered out.


To celebrate and to cash in on the ultimate Mother’s Valentine, my husband fed and hustled the kids to bed tonight so that I could remain firmly on the couch, eating (some – just enough so they won’t notice) of the kids’ chocolates and taking in all the Downton Abbey, Project Runway and Nashville that my little heart desired.


Love, come full circle.



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8 responses to “Silly sweet treat Valentine cookies

  1. I love these! And, I really love that I’m not the last one posting Valentine cookie posts on the actual day, too. In fact, I had two more sets that I couldn’t lump together, so I’m posting one tomorrow & one the next day, too. In other words, you were still ahead of me!

  2. Laura

    Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet Kristina! You are just as sweet as your beautiful cookies.

  3. OMG – these are so amazingly cute, Kristina! I’m in love 🙂

  4. These are amazing!! Seriously. Love all the colors, love the idea, so great!

  5. LIsa G

    Wow, these are great! You do such a great job at detail and creativity! Love them, would feel bad about eating them 🙂 Well, maybe not…..

  6. OMG! I LOVE these so much! Totally adorable!!!

  7. Kristina, I actually gasped when these cookies came up on the page! I ADORE them! Cookies don’t get any CUTER than this!

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