Fishy facsimile cookies


Cookies are my number one birthday party favor, for obvious reasons. (;  While my six year old daughter is tiring of this practice – fortunately for me – my friends are just getting attached to the idea. Hopefully, the “craze” will catch on and they’ll tell their friends, who will turn around and tell their friends and then maybe a few mother-in-laws and a teacher or hairdresser or two.  And then I’ll live happily ever after in cookie making heaven. The End.


This first little link  in the chain comes by way of the great domestic diva, Martha Stewart, and my friend Emily. After stumbling upon a picture of this cute, homespun fish cake, Emily got to work.

MS's cake

MS’ cake

At the end of the day, her son celebrated his 4th birthday with a fish cake that was pixel perfect:

Em's fab cake

Em’s fab cake

To accompany the cake, I made some cookie “fish babies” and cuddle bubbles, because it can be lonely for a fish out of water, all tied up in a cellophane favor bag.


My version is a tad teal, but also made to match. The first night, I made royal icing transfers for the eyes and the rounded fin in the middle of the cookie. The “blacks” of the eyes were 4mm sugar pearls.


The next day, I flooded and piped the fins. When they were dry, or dry enough to handle for decorating (about 30 minutes minimum), I piped in the scales. For the scales, I used a stiff royal icing and followed Lisa (the Bearfoot Baker’s) great technique for creating swan feathers (or in this case, fish scales). While the scales were still wet, I placed 4 mm red sugar pearls for the mouth – with tweezers – along with the royal icing transfer eyes and the “middle” fin.


The bubbles represent my first attempt at airbrushing cookies. Once I figured out how to assemble the airbrush and turn it on, I finally applied my single color (blue) with mixed results. Let’s just say it’s a good thing that bubbles are mostly clear. (;


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5 responses to “Fishy facsimile cookies

  1. Laura

    They look defishous

  2. Us

    As usual, perfect! I like the bubbles…

  3. Shannon

    Can you please tell me what colors you used to make the teal color.I am looking for this precise color and am having difficulties mixing the right parts and colors. Thank you so much, in advance for your insight.

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