Scandinavian Santas and some socks


Early this December, like many before, I traveled to a Scandinavian Christmas shop with my relatives, to pick something that reminded me of my Swedish (but not real blonde) roots. (;


The shop is full of red and white decorations in simple, bold designs. The tomte (or tomten), the little Swedish elf that brings presents on Christmas eve, is one of my favorites.


Some of the crafted tomtes I’ve seen, including the ones my Swedish Grandma used to bring to me, are made of wooden balls painted red and dotted with black for buttons. On top is another ball, dabbed with a few more dots of black for eyes and a wad of white wool for a beard.  On the tippity top is a felt red hat wound in a cone. And that is that. Instant childhood memory and Santa made simple.


Here’s the little guy in cookie (I used an inverted ice cream cone cutter), along with some stockings, also adorned in red and white, including a little crushed candy cane, just to amp up the sweetness.  God Jul!



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6 responses to “Scandinavian Santas and some socks

  1. LOVE these, Kristina! I have lots of postcards from Scandinavia (from a project called Postcrossing) and got to go there earlier this year!! I even have postcards of the little tomten 🙂

  2. Us

    So happy and jolly!

  3. Amy S

    Jewish grandma’s, Irish grandma’s, Swedish grandma’s. Thank God for G-ma’s!

  4. These are the CUTEST Santas I’ve seen! I’m especially partial to him because he’s on an ice cream cone cutter – the very first cutter I ever owned! Too darling!

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