The post where I fell in love with the Land of Nod catalog and then drooled…

IMG_0203So I think I mentioned that I crushed on this month’s Land of Nod/Land of Nothing I Can Afford gifts catalog. Naturally, instead of purchasing anything from it, I placed it under my pillow and dreamed of cookie designs that matched the artful Christmas gifts inside. Among them, was the silly tree I obsessed about yesterday, and a bunch of other animated cuties.


Birdie ornaments. “Putting a bird on it” still makes everything cuter in my world, especially when it really just amounts to layered blobs of wet-on-wet icing, like this roly-poly bird:


Or this retro classic chicken of sorts:


I also fell for the sleeping gingerbread house, with its dotty roof and rounded eyelids. Sweet dreams indeed!



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6 responses to “The post where I fell in love with the Land of Nod catalog and then drooled…

  1. OMG – the sleeping gingerbread house is so incredibly cute!!

  2. Us

    At first I thought liked the polka dotted bird best but on second look that roly-poly guy is darned cute. They’re all are!

  3. Put a bird on it! Love, love love the birds and the sleepy gingerbread houses – you’re a genius!

  4. The tree rules. And I love and hate Land of Nod (obviously) for all the reasons you alluded to. Sigh.

  5. Amy S

    You are an artist.

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! These are the cutest Christmas cookies ever! My favorites are the house and the tree~Adorable!!!

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