Santa, silly and serious trees


So the oven’s been a rockin’ this week. This time it’s plumb full of sugar cookie trees, all sorts. First to roll out, Santa trees, inspired by a real live Christmas tree on display at the mall downtown. Also reminiscent of some other foliage I dressed back in March….


I also hung on tight to December’s Land of Nod catalog. The catalog was chock full of darling artisan gifts and a silly stuffed pillow that looked like this:


Cookies with big wide-set eyes and tiny half-moon grins seem to call out – “Hug Me!” And then, “Eat Me!” So I did.  (;


Finally, my inner conformist reappeared and insisted that a few classic trees grace the cookie platter.


So I went with a potted variety and threw in some holly leaves and a wreath just to ensure everyone knew it was Christmas. Serious Christmas.  I’m linking up to Cheryl at Tidy Mom’s I’m Lovin’ It Party this week:  Come join us!



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4 responses to “Santa, silly and serious trees

  1. noyomoco

    Oh, so cute, Kristina! I’m seriously digging that Santa tree – so fabulous!

  2. Gorgeous. I’m a traditional girl, so I vote the old school tree as my fav, but they are all perfection. And the sled!! It’s such a sweet rustic background. Love.

  3. Us

    Your Daddy says you are amazing! I like the “eyed” tree. Cute.

  4. Laura

    I agree with your daddy! You re truly amazing!

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