Rocking horse and star baby boy cookies


Here’s a quick look at some cowboy-ish cookies I made for a baby boy’s shower.  Due in December, rockin’ out in 2013!


For the star, I wanted to create those “dimensional” stars you sometimes see on people’s houses.  Kind of sets the mood for an all American/western theme.  To get the lines right, I drew on the pre-iced cookies with an edible marker.


I intended to use a straight edge, but the lines were so short, it worked to draw them free hand.


For the rocking horse, I was trying to get the look of the horse on the invitation, within the confines of the cutter.


Ultimately, I went for a “Scandinavian Design” kind of ultra modern furniture look.  I added the star after the brown icing dried and then added the final brown outline.  The shower’s tomorrow.  Can’t wait to hear how things went!



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4 responses to “Rocking horse and star baby boy cookies

  1. Love them! The horses look just like the invitation and the stars are really cool!

  2. Us

    The star reminds me of the pinwheel quilting pattern. Clever.

  3. You did a great job on all of these cookies!

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