More harvest-y cookies

Today, I present apples inspired by a picture of a cute baby bib I saw online:

See? Modern, interesting. At least for adults. These cookies were made for my daughter’s first grade class Harvest party last week, which was celebrated in lieu of Halloween. My daughter asked why there were lines on the apples. And I couldn’t tell her why, except that the bib was so cute, didn’t she think?

I know, first graders go for animated stuff, like bug-eyed bats and bacon that hugs. Somewhere at the back of my mind, I knew that, so I made some owls too. Also inspired by fabric.

Here’s that bit of inspiration:

Also cute.  I could tell the kids liked the owls the best, because they “flew” out of the favor basket at the end of the party. Must be that bird thing. I should have piped some on the apples. (;


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3 responses to “More harvest-y cookies

  1. Predictably, my favorite part is the GLITTER leaf on the apple. Love em!

  2. Us

    I do like those apples…

  3. Laura

    Love the apples and the apple bib! Have to agree that the glitter on the apple leaf is pretty spectacular! I’m so amazed that you can create a cookie by looking at a piece of fabric, or bib, or whatever you might see. I don’t think you realize how talented you are. Fortunately for us, you keep creating the most amazing things!

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