Harvest party cookies

My daughter is at a new school, full of lots of activities and parent involvement. We are just getting acquainted with the families and school traditions, including a Harvest/Halloween party for kids to show off their costumes and for parents to show off their chili recipes.

I, per usual, opted instead for the bake sale and made some harvest themed cookies with some matching minis.

The set included tapestry sunflowers, blackbirds, pumpkins and gold “leaf” leaves.

The cast of minis starred the chocolate sprinkle acorn (my favorite), glitzy pumpkins, crescent moons and more of those gold leaves.

I placed a bigger cookie and a mini in each favor bag. Every bag had a little something extra, either by way of edible glitter, pearl spray or sprinkles.

For the leaves, I looked at pictures of fall leaves and decided on colors:  red veins with yellow flood color and yellow veins with orange flood color. I piped the veins first and then flooded the primary color in and around the veins. When the leaves were dry, I sprayed them with Wilton Color Mist in gold.


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6 responses to “Harvest party cookies

  1. Us

    I can see why you and Nea like the acorns but those orange leaves are pretty impressive…

  2. Beautiful! I love the crow 🙂

  3. Laura

    Love them all, but am particularly fond of the sunflowers and the pumpkins with the great tendril. You do amazing, creative-genius-type work, Kristina!

  4. I can’t decide which are my favourites, I love them all and I’m sure your daughter’s school did too.

  5. LIsa G

    Well I bet you had the BEST cookies out of all of them! They look beautiful! Nothing like a little PR as well 🙂

  6. lilaloa

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen leaves made that way! They are so pretty!! And I adore your glitter pumpkins!!

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