Bacon on the brain

So I heard we dodged Porkalypse ’12. Whew. There was no shortage of the crispy stuff – in sugar form – in my kitchen this week. Lucky for me, a gal who purchased one of my “cookies by design” donations last spring to raise money for a great program, Free Rein Therapeutic Riding, came calling. This fun friend-of-a-friend wanted an “everything bacon” cookie platter for a pal’s birthday surprise.

She said she and her buddy had a running joke about everything these days “coming up bacon.” For inspiration, she sent me a cute picture of a googly-eyed piece of bacon.

From there, I did what every gal armed with a computer and a piping bag does. I spent some quality time searching Google images to discover bacon in all it’s ribbon-streaked, salty glory.  Not surprisingly, I found bacon T-shirts, bacon hearts, bacon candy, bacon cupcakes, bacon ice-cream and real (and presumably temporary) bacon bikinis.

I also found bacon watches, bacon bandaids and Bacon Bits.

I didn’t find a bacon engagement ring, but I did find a saying that said, “you had me at bacon.”

My flip flop cutter also called to me.

And because it was a birthday, we needed bacon cake.

Mmmm…bacon. ‘Nuff said, I guess. At least according to most of the men I’ve met (In high school, my brother used to fry up an entire package of bacon (or two) for an afternoon snack for himself. Alone.)

After all my bacon cookie tomfoolery, my husband – the ever patient observer and thoughtful judge of my cookie projects – liked the friendly, simple bacon strips the best. Closer to the real thing, I imagine.

Here’s the guy who started it all with his partner in crime. You had me at bacon, indeed.


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5 responses to “Bacon on the brain

  1. Amy S

    Haha! that last picture of the big bacon, little bacon cracks me up! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Only you could make bacon look beautiful. Incredibly well done!

  3. Haha – these are hilarious! Is there anything better than bacon? I don’t think so!

  4. Us

    What a fun, fun project! I’m still giggling.

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