No, there is another…

wonky Yoda with thick ears! This is the twin to Sugarbelle’s Yoda. The one not quite ready for Hollywood! I made these Yoda cookie pops last spring at my son’s request for the “summer birthdays” celebration at his preschool.

I was thrilled when he asked for Yoda because Sugarbelle had just posted her Yoda tutorial and I had fallen hard for her little green guy. A Yoda crush.

The process is totally cool and I can’t wait to try it again. There are just a few key and not-so-key differences between our cookies:

1.)  These cookies are cookie pops (not so key difference)

2.)  Sugarbelle used a spider cutter and I used a lopped-off elephant cutter (not so key difference)

3)  This Yoda has actual elephant ears (KEY difference)

Fortunately, “size matters not” and the kids weren’t sticklers for details (cookies are for eating, apparently).


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2 responses to “No, there is another…

  1. Us

    Fun stuff, as always!

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