Hello Kitty, I’m a Princess!

Our third celebrated her third birthday this month, just two days after her brother’s big 0-5, with similar fanfare and an almost identical party plan. Wow, their mom must be tired. Just plain tired….

I did manage to swap out Batman for Hello Kitty, but the steps were the same.

Step 1:  cupcakes with the cousins. Step 2:  easy clean up party for friends at a park with fast food, cake and cookies for favors. Step 3:  throw all remnants of the party in the park trash can and head to the public pool to wash off all the frosting before heading home, finish off the birthday with a “splash.”

For the cupcakes, I also made fondant toppers, but used the more commercially available heart cutter, versus the old “piping tip and tree cutter” method that Batman required. Nari definitely preferred the heart. She’s princess-ey like that.

Regarding the cake, Hello Kitty was likely a bit disappointed because, while I baked the cake and assembled its parts with all the best intentions in the world to frost Kitty’s iconic face, the clock struck well beyond midnight and I had to go looking for my bedroom slippers.

Thank goodness for Costco and my friend Amy, who combined forces to deliver a princess cake on the fly on the day of the party. Undeterred by the perfect, Pinterest-worthy beach ball party at the table next to us at the park, Nari was quite pleased with her mixed theme celebration.

I’m also happy to report that the Hello Kitty cookies made an appearance, but that was due only to the cute dang cutter that I bought especially for the occasion and my seriously underpaid minions, Stacey and Amy, who wrapped cookies furiously during their kids’ swimming lessons earlier in the day.

Someday I’ll get my act together, but that will likely be well after Hello Kitty has faded from my girls’ attention and we’ve moved on to high heels and nail polish. Thank goodness a princess always needs her polish and heels! A tiara, at least? No?


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3 responses to “Hello Kitty, I’m a Princess!

  1. Laura

    You continue to amaze me. Nari is adorable, Hello Kitty never looked better! Another great creation, Kristina.

  2. No doubt their Mommy is tired! You still managed to pull together a wonderful little celebration for your sweet little girl and I’m sure she is going remember many details of it for a long time. Especially those adorable cookies.

  3. Amy S

    oh yes “someday” you’ll get your act together. you must be horrified at my kids bday parties! 😉

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