Fairy Cameos and Jolly Rogers

I’ve got a friend whose a fan of fairies. The flower-capped bits of magic that spark in a young child’s imagination and glow on in a mother’s cozy memory.

This year, Stacey hosted her third annual fairy party in our neighborhood park.

Puffs of glitter, or “fairy clues” lead our eager band to a treasure hidden by pirates. After a winding and wonderful walk through the park, we landed at the threshold of the fairies’ home, visible for only a while until all the jewels were found, treats were gobbled and play was had….

To help the fairies (and their human assistants), I made cookie favors to enjoy just as the magic of the day was fading and naps and mini vans beckoned. While plastic gems tumbled from pockets onto the car floor, kids sticky from running, juice and cupcakes could experience one more magical moment:  cookies before lunch.

Always happy to deliver on the sugar front, I made two varieties this year:  pirates for the rascals among us and fairies for those with dreams edged in glitter. To be fair, both sets had a little sparkle.

The pirates were done free hand, but those tiny fairy silhouettes required the precision of the Kopy Cake projector. Once piped in pink and purple, I finished the cookies with a scalloped edge reminiscent of a Cameo pin. So efficient! So precise!  Pure magic.


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5 responses to “Fairy Cameos and Jolly Rogers

  1. Very cute! I love the disco dust?/sugar? around the wands. 🙂

  2. Amy S

    amazing, as always!

  3. I love this idea for a party, and your cookies were perfect!

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