Holy Batman birthday!

Who knew if you pressed the matte photo editing button enough times, you could make a cookie look like it appeared out of the darkness, like a beacon to the masses looking for a hero? Not me. Until now:

My son Ty spends many of his waking hours trying on different superhero identities. This week – the week he happened to turn five years old – Ty is Batman. Sending signals into the night, rushing off to the Bat Cave, and requesting an all-Batman birthday party.

For his party favors, I did a simple yellow oval cookie and added the Batman symbol with the help of my new Kopy Cake projector. This is the second time I’ve used the projector and I’ve got to say, it truly is like a beacon in the night, shedding light on those shapes that simply must look like they came off of an assembly line. It’s kind of fun to stay within the lines with icing.  It almost makes me feel like I’m five years old again, only now I can eat the coloring book.

I also made some cupcakes for the party. Because he is the son of a sweet treats freak, it really was no surprise that Ty skipped plain vanilla or chocolate and instead asked for orange flavored cupcakes and frosting.

To accommodate the man in black, I made a basic vanilla cake and added 4 teaspoons orange zest and 2 teaspoons LorAnn Oils’ Orange Bakery Emulsion to the batter. I also added 6 drops of LorAnn Oils’ Bavarian Cream flavoring oil. For the frosting, I made a basic buttercream but swapped the butter out with full fat vegetable shortening. Not my first choice, I know, but the party was at a park and pool in 90 degree heat, which is just too hot for butter’s delicate disposition.

Besides, the shortening was completely transformed (trans fats and all) with a little orange zest (2 teaspoons) and 1/2 teaspoon orange bakery emulsion. When all was said and ate, the Orange Dreamsicle vibe was delightful. And if you look closely, you can see the little flecks of orange zest in the frosting, peeking out all natural like….

Finally, to attempt that fresh-from-the-bakery-feel, I made little cupcake toppers out of fondant, just like Georgetown Cupcake, but with a nod to our hero. The process was easy and born of necessity around 2:00 a.m. While sugar covered and a little delirious – mere hours before the party – I saw something shiny and started cutting…

By the time the morning alarm clock buzzed, the toppers were dry and ready to pop on the cupcakes. Which is just what I did before speeding off to the party. A hero and his butler, er, mother, can’t be late now, right?

Here’s the kid Batman in action (with a twist of Hulk):


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8 responses to “Holy Batman birthday!

  1. I love everything you made! Those little batman faces on the cupcakes are so clever and the logos look perfect 🙂

  2. I would like a Wonder Woman birthday please. Or maybe a My Chemical Romance. That could go with the trans fats theme? And now I want a orange creamsicle cupcake. YUM!! And also adorable.

  3. Us

    Your August is about as hectic as December! The sweet treats are just perfect for our Ty!

  4. Laura

    Great!! How did you ever figure out to use the Christmas tree trunk to create Batman’s ears? You are amazing! I bet Ty was thrilled with the outcome.

  5. Your cupcakes are very amazing! I wonder if i can do that too!

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