Fresh water nautical cookies

Vrrrrmm, vrrrrmm, vrrrrrrr…. That’s the sound that’s gently brought my sleeping darlings up on sweaty summer mornings this past week, as I whirred out my latest spinach and apple juice concoction, all in the name of de-thickening the midline. I’m at day 8 of a 30-day “juice fast,” inspired by the movie, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” I’m 5 pounds down and relatively treat free. Yay! But also, Boo! Hiss! I miss my treats (and my wine, and my bread and my salt…did I say treats?)

In support of my liquid diet, I instituted a “baking moratorium,” with one yummy exception. Before locking the oven door for the remainder of July, I made some nautical themed cookies for a party to kick off a wedding weekend. Also some cupcakes.

I did vanilla and chocolate, topped with little fondant do-dads.

The cookies were a nod to the nautical themed wedding that occurred a few days later on the edge of a charming northern Idaho lake hemmed with pine trees and made all the more charming by that enveloping blanket called mid summer sun.

While we (I) don’t go crabbing in northern Idaho, up here the wind still blows sails and other stuff around.

People still need saving, we all need an anchor in our lives, and everybody dreams of finding something special and sparkly in the sand. Fortunately – thanks to Sugarbelle – you don’t need a metal detector to locate that last little beach treasure.


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4 responses to “Fresh water nautical cookies

  1. I am a Flickr fan of yours, Kristina…You really made my day! Thank you!

  2. Us

    Jady and I especially like the cute crabs!

  3. Laura

    Perfect nautical cookies. The sand dollars seem to be exact replicas of the real thing. I don’t know how you do it, Kristina. The anchors were also exceptional.
    Good luck with the juices….I could never do that. You have far more willpower than I do.

  4. Amy S

    Those are awesome! I love the crabs & sand dollars.

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