Sweet June wedding cookies

Where I come from, June can be the sweet promise of lunch on the grass and shorts everyday. It’s  summer, when it’s tender and young. Damp, cool mists still occupy the mornings. It’s as if the month needs to be cajoled into the bright rays of noon day sun and all the harsh lines that such light reveals.

Still, warm days brings comfort long into the night, and that’s why we pounce on them, call them wedding days, and wrap everything up in a month called June.

Before this one slips by, I have a little wedding set of cookies to share. I wanted to thread in the bride’s colors for these wedding shower cookies; chartreuse and soft teal.

From there, I had free rein and elected to go with a formal wallpaper design for the cakes and mimic the shapes and formality in the accompanying doily-esque daisy cookies.

For the hearts, I featured the teal and blended the free form design of the wet-on-wet flower pair with a formal border. It’s a bit of a nod to marriage in general:  LOVE, made official.


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5 responses to “Sweet June wedding cookies

  1. nora

    The blue ones may be your best yet!

  2. nora

    Lovely prose too…

  3. Amy S

    Beautiful pictures!

  4. Beautiful cookies. I love the blue ones 🙂

  5. Us

    Nice, very nice….

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