Toddler’s blue doggie cookies

Recently, a friend asked if I could help her with the treats to celebrate her one year old son’s first birthday. It took a bit for her to determine the theme because it’s hard to tell what a one year old wants, what he really, really wants (Posh Spice must have had this problem with her brood).

But then, clear as day, Cannon’s birthday theme spoke to her, in the form of a well-loved blue stuffed dog, known affectionately as “Doggie.” All together now, awww…

Here he is, Cannon’s oldest pal.  I needed to fit Doggie within a non Easter themed cutter, so one ear flopped down for his cookie candid.  After examining the colors and shapes in the plush original, I came up with a frosting palette and a pattern.

From there, I laminated and traced the pattern with an edible marker onto the cookies and began the piping and flooding process thereafter. Fake I.D. worthy? You be the judge!

We all seem to have had an “-ie”  (or an “-y”) around the house, haven’t we? When I was a kid, I had “Kitty.” Did you have one?

My eldest has “Duckie.” My second ventured out a bit and named his beloved stuffed lion “Cutie.” And my third didn’t bother. Nari’s “Lovie” changes every week. Last week it was a Strawberry Shortcake doll. This week it’s a purple horse. Who knows what she’ll be hugging by high school.


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3 responses to “Toddler’s blue doggie cookies

  1. Love times infinity. And that’s just the orange with polka dots. I cannot speak coherently about the doggie cuteness.

  2. Amy S

    So cute!! love it!

  3. You did a fantastic job on these cookies. I love them!

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