Thanks, Teach!

It’s that time of year again, late spring and the last day of school is visible on the horizon. Translation:  “Wow, is it true that the last time I stepped into my kid’s school was at the parent teacher conference in March?  Is there anything I can do to ‘look alive’ from home?”

A teacher appreciation luncheon was just the thing and it landed on the calendar in time to answer those “you’re-not-doing-enough” voices in my head that never seem to sleep. Briefly rest – yes – but never sleep.

This time, I went for bright blues and a golden-y hue for Golden Delicious apples. The plate bloomed with stylized flowers and apples (brushed with a little Pearl Dust in warm brown).

Because apple equals teacher, right? It must be the universal symbol for that hardworking group of patient and focused individuals that can work magic to transform a former preschooler into a bona fide reader and writer. Little by little, day by day, until Kindergarten is almost behind us. And all I have to do is stand in awe (and maybe replenish the crayons and read a few bedtime stories).

For all of that, at the very least, my daughter’s beloved teacher – Mrs. Jessett – deserves an applause and a little sugar. In apple form, of course.


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2 responses to “Thanks, Teach!

  1. Amy S

    Lucky teacher, they are lovely!!

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