Butterfly and flower cookie pops/cupcake toppers

True, my current love affair with cookie pops pales in comparison to my daughter’s affection for butterflies. But in this particular project – the last of her birthday treats – the two came together and even invited a couple of flowers to the party.

Technically, these cookies play dual roles as cupcake toppers and pops. Two for one. Decorated cookies just keep on giving, don’t they?

I think the reason I’m a fan of the cookie pop is the flat craft sticks I use in lieu of the “official” pops offered by Wilton.

First, the craft sticks are cheap, so that’s a plus. Also, because they’re so thin, there’s less worry that the stick will break free of the cookie before they’re fully appreciated (by someone other than they’re maker). Finally, wood seems “natural” and that’s always trendy.

Oh – and one more thing – kids go gaga over anything that even remotely suggests “lollipop.”

Now that I think of it, I really should offer them broccoli on a stick and tell them it’s a magic wand. It could be transformative.

Anyhoo, the cupcakes were a Martha Stewart’s classic white cake recipe (the one with 8 egg whites – believe me, the extra egg crackin’ is worth it), topped with a strawberry Swiss meringue and sprinkles.

We used homemade strawberry jam from last summer to tint and flavor the frosting. In a second annual tradition, we saved the last jar of jam specifically for this purpose. Linnea loves her some strawberries.  And I love that kid, so I guess that explains this whole endeavor.


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3 responses to “Butterfly and flower cookie pops/cupcake toppers

  1. Us

    Your pops are as delightful as you!

  2. Amy S

    So cute!! I would gobble them up!

  3. Very cute cupcake toppers! Love all the colours!

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