Mini Boden bunny cookies

Wait, wait before the last hours of Easter 2012 slip by…I have one more cookie to (gently) toss out into the world of fuzzy chicks, jelly beans and other Easter delights! This little guy has been nibbling away at my cookie brain since I went all paparazzi on a local toddler, just to capture last season’s Mini Boden.

Kids’ clothes make the cutest cookies, don’t they??? And I just happened to have this cheap little cutter that I picked up at the grocery store.

It came in a set with a pink butterfly (last post), chick and egg. So cute, that my 2 year old and I are still “discussing” whether they’re her toys or my cutters.

Once I had the bunny idea, all that was left to address were those tricky narrow ears in the transition from cutting surface to baking sheet.

Many were improved with a pinch repair and others turned into perfectly content dotty eggs.

So now you now how I spent the night before Easter.  Hoppy.  (;


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5 responses to “Mini Boden bunny cookies

  1. noyomoco

    So cute!

  2. Us

    Fun, fun, fun…

  3. Love the baby’s shirt and your cookies!

  4. Amy S

    So, soo cute!! Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next!

  5. Laura

    Love Mini Boden, love your cookies. So great! Happy Birthday Linnea!

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