Like moths to a flame, butterflies and the great big sun cookie pops

Here are the rest of the cookies for my charity basket, finished on the “fly” over the weekend.

This last group included more bugs (of the butterfly variety), and a basket-toppling sun that was meant to mimic tapestry.

Included here are some shots of the basket, half full. In the end, I learned a little about marketing and the fine line between time crunch (my life, in a phrase) and darn near failure.

Two lessons here:

1) Get a BIG basket to allow space to show off each cookie.

My basket was way to small and I ended up stuffing the cookies in every nook and cranny, featuring none. As a result, the opening bid started at $8.00. My heart shrunk a little (ok, a lot) when I saw that….

2)  Present a large, varied and colorful photo collage of your best work for made-to-order cookie items.

To add insult to injury, the opening bid for my accompanying auction item – a baker’s dozen made-to-order decorated sugar cookies – started at $5.00.  (!!!)  I believe that was due to the fact that I didn’t have time to put together a photo collage of cookie possibilities.  Instead, I provided one lonely picture of a plate of five cookies from an old set of Walgreen’s prints. The pictured cookies were pretty, but the numbers were paltry. People want to see cookie creativity and VOLUME!  Mad Men’s Don Draper would definitely disapprove of my cookie presentation skills.

No worries, however, the ending bids for each weren’t all together hideous and it all went to a good cause. Plus, it might have helped if I had suggested an opening bid.  You bake, you learn! Also – as foodie bloggers can appreciate – you bake, you take (and print) more pictures!


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6 responses to “Like moths to a flame, butterflies and the great big sun cookie pops

  1. Us

    Live and learn I guess but I do love those butterflies!

  2. Meggan

    Hi 🙂 Your cookies are always amazing and you know that sweet bugs like this are near and dear to my heart.
    I’m going with the theory that they left off the “0” at the end of your starting bid. This basket of goodies should have started at $80!
    Best baking wishes,

  3. I’ve had my cookie baskets auctioned off at charity events before and you are right, presentation is half of the attraction/the cookies are the other. At the events my cookies were auctioned, a info sheet was placed in front of the baskets detailing what was included along with the value of the package. Noting that helps people decide on an opening bid. I never stay long enough to know what the cookies went for. It is hard sometimes as a lot of people who don’t bake and hand-decorated cookies (or cakes/cupcakes) have no idea the time and work involved. My heart would have sank too had $5.00 been an opening bid. As you say though, the bid was increased and it all goes to a very worthy cause.

  4. Goodness sake! Forgot to tell you how lovely all your cookies are and I just love all your butterflies!

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