Going buggy cookie pops

After much delay, I FINALLY got back in the kitchen for the late night shift, placed hands firmly on the piping bag, and all was well in my world again.

This time, my mission was a basket of cookie pops for a charity event. Despite the fact that the high temperature in my neck of the woods still only tops out in the fifties, I went for a spring theme. Spring forward, right? Snow still on the sidewalk? This too, shall melt!

For the grass, I was going for a layered print, like quilting fabric. For the bugs hanging out in the tall (cookie) grass, I was going for happy, cute and kinda not real looking.

The kind of bugs I’d like to hang out with if the temperatures – and not just the calendar – said spring.

Same goes for the bees and their floppy flower friends. I like to think of these guys as jolly little Easter eggs with a taxi cab vibe….

I’m linking up with Tidy Mom’s Lovin’ It Fridays this week.  Come join the party at TM’s!


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10 responses to “Going buggy cookie pops

  1. These are so fun and cute. The caterpillar is adorable. I’m sure whoever ended up with these at the charity effort were tickled pink over them.

  2. noyomoco

    I LOVE that caterpillar! He has such a sweet face and the colors are wonderful 🙂

  3. noyomoco

    I love that caterpillar! Such a sweet face and the colors are wonderful! 🙂

  4. Us

    You nailed it for happy and cute!

  5. Cutest little caterpillar and lady bugs ever! I love the grass! These are adorable enough to make the snow melt:)

  6. lilaloa

    These are ADORABLE!!!

  7. Amy S

    How many hours are in your day? Just curious….those are adorable!

  8. Laura

    All are wonderfully fun, but the caterpillar is amazing! And, so are you!!

  9. I am smitten with these cookies, especially the caterpillar and the bee! Over the top with the grass! Time to pin:)

  10. Eee cute! The little Caterpillar is one of the raddest looking cookies ever!

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