I am Drusilla’s granddaughter

“Who I Am,” sung by Sara Evans is a heartfelt country number about the security of knowing and accepting yourself. One line in this song always brings me to the brink of tears. I heard it last while driving to pick up my daughter from Kindergarten, two days after my Mom left from a five-day visit to meet baby Ren.

Mom came to help with the laundry, cooking and baby rocking, those things that need attention with heightened frequency when a new baby arrives. I was so grateful for Mom’s time but most valued her company and continuing unconditional affection for my family and me.

The first lines of the song’s chorus go like this:

I am Rosemary’s granddaughter
the spitting image of my father
and when the day is done my momma’s still my biggest fan

And there it is, so simple and true and with me, every day of my life. While Mom was visiting, we celebrated her birthday. Linnea made a menu of Mom’s favorites and I baked a lemon curd cake.

I frosted the cake with Swiss meringue buttercream and added simple decorations with ribbon and round piping tips. Mom was pleased. The recipes for the cake, curd and icing can be found here.

My Mom’s name is Drusilla, after my grandmother, another special lady. Today, on Mom’s actual birthday, I wish her sweet things and long life, because I need her in my corner forever and ever. Happy Birthday!


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10 responses to “I am Drusilla’s granddaughter

  1. I’d like to pay tribute to your sweet momma too. She has always had a special place in my heart because of her joy, honesty, insight and capacity to understand love and beauty…and you, dear one, have all of her beauty~inside and out. xxx ooo

  2. Laura

    This is one of the sweetest entries you’ve written. It brought tears to my eyes. Maybe it is because of this new granddaughter of mine. The cake is beautiful, and so is Linnea’s menu and so are your mother’s loving arms around little Rena. The entire entry was just full of love.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to the woman who raised one of my favorite people! (And beautiful cake, too:)

  4. Us

    I’ll always have your back and you, my darling, will always have my heart….

  5. Jen B

    Happy Birthday, Mama Dru! What a sweet post, Kristina. Look at the way Ren knows she is in capable hands. Totally brought tears to my eyes. Also, I recognize that Jan de Luz apron! I was wearing mine just yesterday. 😉

  6. Amy S

    Love that! And Happy Birthday to your Mama!

  7. Such a beautiful post. The cake is gorgeous and the picture of your treasured Mom with her latest grandchild is precious. Best wishes to this lovely lady for a wonderful year and for many, many more!

  8. I love that song. Gorgeous post, gorgeous mom, gorgeous you.

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