Classic nursery toys cookies

Sometimes…when you’re up late at night with your six-week old, you see something wonderful in well-worn baby pajamas, like this gentle teddy bear and tiny toy duck:

This sweet little image bobbed around in my head until I was invited to a gender neutral baby shower for a friend. Per usual, I insisted on making favor cookies and found opportunity to recreate these nursery favorites in sugar and butter.

For the furry guy, I started with my only teddy bear cutter and made some sketches to get the “feel” of the cookie for piping. For the duck, I started with a basic scalloped square cutter.

I chose an ivory base for both and first piped in the puffy head and feet for the bear (using “flood” consistency to pipe and flood).  After waiting 20 minutes or so, I piped in the belly – and finally – after waiting 20 minutes more, I added the arms. For this set, I made 25 bears.  Usually, by the time I finished one part on the last, the first was dry enough to add the next part, so I wasn’t ever “waiting” for frosting to dry.

Once set, the bear’s details were piped over in chocolate-brown.  Then I added a turquoise ribbon and finally, when all was good and dry, I used pearl dust in “Mushroom” to brush in shadows for definition, just like the bear on the pj’s.

My only regret are the bear’s “water wings;” those extra bits of cookie arms.

Next time, when I actually know what I’m doing, I’ll trim those arms before the cookie is baked, all custom like.

The duck cookie began as an ivory scalloped slate with wet on wet brown dots.

Once dry, I piped in the duck’s head and the blue wheel.

Later, I connected it all with the duck’s yellow body.  Finally, I added the pull string and pink dots (just to keep the shower guests guessing about the baby’s gender).

By now, the party’s over and the cookies are all gobbled up.  But before that newborn sleeper is packed away forever, I can be assured that I’ve tucked away one sweet memory from the first days of this mama’s babies.


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9 responses to “Classic nursery toys cookies

  1. Laura

    The details in your cookies are truly amazing! These are absolutely beautiful.

  2. These are all so lovely! Using the pearl dust to bring even more definition to the teddy bears was a great idea.

  3. Maria

    Those cookies are really beautifull and your tutorial is great! Thank you for posting it. I’m new in cookie decoration and don’t have so many cutters so my plans for tomorrow includes buying a teddy bear cutter and having fun (and mess) in the kitchen

  4. Amy S

    where were you when Kaki was born!? 😉

  5. Those teddy bears are absolutely wonderful!

  6. Jen B

    SO adorable and creative! Love your sketches, and I actually think the bear needed those water wings…for when I dunk him in a glass of ice cold milk and eat him!

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