Quilted birds and bottle cookies for baby

I have an Aunt. A fabulously interested in this blog, Aunt. Who also has exceptional taste. Go figure! (;

Last summer, I had the supreme pleasure of reconnecting with her at our once every three-year family reunion. While we walked around a pristine scoop of water resting in a granite cup, otherwise known as Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, I told her about my fourth pregnancy and the coming arrival of what will be my parents last grandchild. With the excitement that brims only with this kind of news, she told me that her son and daughter-in-law were expecting their first child, due to arrive in the spring. The first child for everyone, whose arrival would bring Aunt Laura and Uncle Kenny to grandparenthood. There’s no turning back from that giddy granny smile, I’ve heard….

For the rest of the weekend, our conversations were peppered with baby talk. Aunt Laura noted our top five “baby essentials” on her phone, and we talked names and birthing choices. So it came as no surprise, six months and a fair number of thoughtful comments on this baking blog, later, that my Aunt would make the ultimate request of a hobbyist cookie decorator.

“Would I, could I, ever be interested in making cookies for the baby’s shower?” While the cookies needed to get across the country days before my own due date, I couldn’t resist the opportunity  to shower some love on these lovely people with baby cookies.

BABY COOKIES! In my experience with this baking obsession, baby shower cookies tops the list of themes. All that dreamy, cloud inspired frosting and cuddly baby animals for the nursery must provide some insurance for a wonderful life! Or at least down payment on those rose-colored glasses!

For direction, Aunt Laura asked that I work from the mama-to-be’s love for polka dots and the nursery bedding she chose from Pottery Barn Kids, “the Penelope,” a sweet combination of spring birds fluttering about a backdrop of soft pinks and greens, stitches and polka dots.

Delighted by the possibilities, I got started on three cookie favor bags:  a pink bird, watery daffodil chicks and polka dot baby bottles. For the baby bottles, I tried to incorporate some of the patterns from the quilt, including the strips of color, white contrast stitches and dots. For the birds, I covered egg shaped cookies in white, with a barely there light pink line. The next day, I drew a template of the birds’  bodies and drew around the self laminated templates with a food marker on the “white slate” cookies. Then, I outlined, filled and added the details.

My one concern and margin note for future projects is to leave the beak out of the template of the pink bird.  Beaks are details that should be added at the end, to accommodate the shape of the cookie and the design. Also, they add character, and need to be right, like eyes or a smile on a face. Because I had to cover the black marker beak, some of the “cute character” you want to strike with nursery animal cookies was lost.

Fortunately, I didn’t make that mistake with the yellow chicks. I started with just a little “comma” shaped body and it gave me the freedom to place the beak and other details later in the process, when I had a better perspective on where they might look best.

Well, that should cover it for teetering on crazy obsession talk for one day. Stay tuned for Beaks 202 on another day, hopefully in a galaxy far, far away.


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8 responses to “Quilted birds and bottle cookies for baby

  1. Laura

    I am the aunt, soon to be grandmother, recipient of the most beautiful baby shower cookies ever! To create these amazing cookies while 9 months pregnant, the week after Christmas, was truly a labor of love. They arrived in upstate NY, 2600 miles from their origin, (yes, I just checked the distance Google Maps), swaddled in bubble wrap, in perfect shape. I tried to do justice to their beauty by tying a pink polka dot ribbon around each little favor bag. The shower guests oohed and ahed over them and I proudly declared they were made by my niece. Thank you so very much for such a lovely gift. They were a treasured part of a very special day.

  2. P

    These cookies are adorable and such a lovely gift. Love the comment from your very proud Aunt.

  3. Us

    You out did yourself, yet once again!

  4. Jen B.

    Wow. You are amazing! I saw this cookie pinned on Pinterest and I thought to myself: “What did she do? Frost cookies while in the hospital?!?” Now I see that they were a prenatal effort. Still, I know what it is like to be a thousand months pregnant, so color me impressed (as if I wasn’t already!) Love you!

  5. Janice

    Thank you so much for all of the time and love that you put into these very special cookies!!! I still can’t believe how well you captured my love for the silly little birds, details from the “penelope” quilt and of course polka dots!!
    Anders and I were wondering if you borrowed some of “santa’s little helpers” to assist you as I’m sure you had a million other things going on during the holiday season! Perhaps you can incorporate tips on time management for a new mom in your blog as well!! Thank you for adding something so beautiful and delicious to my baby shower and for making me feel so special!
    Hope all is well with your family, especially your newest little addition!

    • Janice – Thanks for all your kind words! And for the sweet baby cap you sent as well. It was such a pleasure making the cookies and I’m so glad you enjoyed them! Here’s to a smooth end to your pregnancy. As for time management, all I can say is that I stay up way too late for my own good. I imagine you too will find those solitary hours pure gold. Take care and love, Kristina

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