Good old Santa Claus!

What’s better than Santa?

A plate full of Santas!

What’s better than that?

Santa with a Frosty friend!

What’s better than that?

Frosty tripled!

What’s better than that?

Everybody, times a gazillion.

What’s better than that?

The gang, on the dessert table.

***Please see  carmen-rose’s Flickr site for the fabulous inspiration for this jolly old fella!


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10 responses to “Good old Santa Claus!

  1. Us

    Frosty is cute but that’s the cutest Santa cookie I’ve ever seen!

  2. Amy S

    work. of. art.

  3. Laura

    As always, these are amazing! We’re trying to figure out how you got Santa’s furry hat to look so wonderful. I have a feeling it was rather labor intensive. Your December cookies are truly beautiful.

  4. So happy to have your blog in my reader! I have officially updated your address in my book, so next year’s Christmas letter may actually get to you. Can’t wait to see (photos of) baby girl in January.
    Annie Dominguez
    P.S. I think I’ve gained weight just looking at your cookies.

  5. Kelsie

    Can I have my job back??? Ill move back home and sample your treats for you!! Miss you guys!!

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