Holiday baubles for the tree in the Grand Hotel….

My mid-size city is the bona-fide hometown of legendary crooner, Bing Crosby (full disclosure:  I’m just a transplant). Lately, as I’ve delightfully baked and decorated my Christmas cookies for the season, I’ve listened to untold hours of the “Christmas Morning” station on Pandora. Bing Crosby is a regular fixture on that station, making an appearance every third song or so…. One of his standby’s, “It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas,” has made the rotation enough for me to actually recall the lyrics (usually an impossible feat).

I’m fixated on the line, “there’s a tree in the Grand Hotel…,” because – HOLY HEART FAILURE, BATMAN – we actually have a historic, restored, been-here-since-Bing’s-boyhood, Grand Hotel, called the Davenport Hotel! So now, every time I hear the song, I wonder, was Mr. Crosby thinking of the Davenport when he poured his heart and soul into that line? Was he recalling an annual December visit to the Hotel as a child, eyes aglow with the glittering lights and baubles on the stoic tree in the lobby, with hopes of cocoa in a fancy cup before the afternoon came to a close?

If so, maybe he saw handmade beauties in purple and gold…

Or snowflake facsimiles festooned with ruby gems…

Or maybe not.  But that’s what this hopeless Christmas romantic is telling herself.


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4 responses to “Holiday baubles for the tree in the Grand Hotel….

  1. Us

    I love it, just love it all, you hopeless romantic!

  2. Amy S

    Lovely! I’m sure Bing would be proud!

  3. P

    Beautiful cookies and a beautiful thought as to where those lyrics came from 🙂

  4. SO beautiful! As always, love the glitter:)

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