Rockin’ around the Christmas tree…cookies!

These trees were the bees knees – to me – but only because I had a string of rhymes going there for a second.

Actually, they were part of the neighborhood party set I noted in the previous post. I made them more natural in the event I had extras (there were none) to bring to a public school teacher’s appreciation luncheon. In that case, the trees could simply be (admittedly, a tad sparkly) symbol of winter, just before winter break.

I liked the “forest effect” created by the flocked ones, with a hit of plain green every once in a while. Definitely a keeper and good for cookie sets.


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3 responses to “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree…cookies!

  1. Us

    All are fun & festive but think my NEA would agree… the sparklely ones are best!

  2. Sparkly ones are definitely best. I almost love the snowmen ones more than these, except the snowmen need some sparkles on their scarves or something, 😉

    Wish we were having Christmas somewhere near you! And not just for all the cookies.

  3. P

    Love all your trees. Can see why there were no extras 😉

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