A bird in the tree (and three cookies in the hand)

A week ago, my five-year old daughter, Linnea, returned home from a three-day stay in the hospital to treat a staph infection.  The skin infection came on suddenly and oral antibiotics weren’t enough, so we admitted her to the hospital for IV antibiotics.  The medicine, plus the tender loving care she received by the hospital staff, did the trick and she is now home, happy and healthy.

To thank the people who made her stay as comfortable as possible, especially her sweet nurses and attentive docs, I made a trio of cookies inspired from a Thanksgiving card that evoked the last gasp of autumn before the winter holidays roll onto the scene.

The hope was to create a whimsical bird (which, without the beak and stick feet, could have doubled as a whale);

a wind-blown tree hanging on to the last of its golden leaves;

and little circles, mimicking clouds and the background design of the card.

We brought the cookies in to the “Peds Intermediate” floor the day before Thanksgiving.  It was a great way to say a quick thank you before the moment passed and life moved on to other patients, our busy lives, and kindness only remembered.


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4 responses to “A bird in the tree (and three cookies in the hand)

  1. Us

    A really creative, sweet and kind gesture….

  2. Amy S

    Wow!! Beautiful! I’m sure they will appreciate them.

  3. P

    I’m happy to hear that your daughter is back home now. Having to spend time in a hospital at that young age can be a pretty scary thing (for both the child and the parents!) and it is always such a comfort when the staff in charge of her care is wonderful. These cookies are beautiful and I’m sure they will be greatly appreciated.

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