Desert jewel cookies

A good friend’s parents recently retired and relocated from the busy world of the D.C. area for warm sunsets and the open floor plan living that Tucson, AZ offers.

In celebration of her parents’ permanent move to the sunny side of the street, Stacey and her two sisters wanted a unique house-warming gift that only gave until the last crumbs were gobbled up.

And that’s where I come in, all aflutter over sugar cookies and the gazillion ways one might strike a Southwestern theme with royal icing and edible glitter, known in the baking world as “Disco Dust.” While the shimmer is fabulous, I was sold on this stuff from the name alone.

For these cookies, I tried but couldn’t get myself to pipe a shiny red chili pepper or a facsimile of a well-worn ranch man’s hat.

My usual draw to natural cues for inspiration brought me to desert flowers, turquoise and copper tones.  Except for the chili peppers. Admittedly, they are an anomaly.  But you’ve seen the jewelry they wear down there, right?!!

Ultimately, I imagined the main square of Santa Fe, NM and the eclectic treasures to be found in the Southwest, where there is warmth in the soil, sun and sky.  Hopefully, in their little neck of the desert, Stacey’s parents are warm, leisurely and rapidly expanding their collection of turquoise bangles and bolero ties. (:


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6 responses to “Desert jewel cookies

  1. Amy S

    They look fabulous!

  2. P

    Beautiful cookies and the newly retired couple are going to enjoy these as much as they will they new home in Arizona. What a lovely housewarming gift you have made them.

  3. I love the hearts and cactus. I was just…thinking/dreaming…are you bringing cookies, cakes, etc… to the family reunion? lol…xxx ooo

  4. Gail Franzen

    Again, a lovely work of art.

  5. And they were completely adored by all who saw and ate them! Thank you, my sweet friend.

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