Minecraft fondant cake

Just this weekend I had opportunity to make my first post-primer fondant cake.  Another cousin’s son, S, (it’s a big family) turned 11 last week and he wanted a white cake with chocolate frosting/filling. And in true pre-teen fashion, S left the rest to me.  I know from past baking experiences that he likes fondant. S actually likes the sugary flat taste of fondant, which tells me that there’s a still a lot of kid in that kid. (:

While I still had S’s attention at the last family gathering, I asked him what he liked. And silly, non-gaming me, thought he said he liked the game, “Mineshaft.” While hunting for fondant worthy images on the web, I found a cute Mario Brothers/Donkey Kong knock off guy who appeared to be the hero of a seemingly obscure game called “Mineshaft.”

When I showed my husband – a gamer in his own right – the pic, he ventured that perhaps the game of S’s attention is “Minecraft.” Sure enough, when I plugged in a search for “Minecraft,” a whole slew of images popped up, including “Creeper,” the green pixellated villain eventually depicted on S’s 11th birthday cake.

Once I had the right subject, the project was relatively smooth sailing.

I wish I’d had more time to make my own fondant because I still suffer from fondant sticker shock every time I get within 10 feet of those tubs of prepared fondant at the cake supply shop. Also, despite the high price, I still have a difficult time gauging how much fondant I’ll need for particular details, such as the multicolored pixels featured on this cake.

As a result, I made way too may Scrabble-shaped squares and it pains me to think of the per-square cost that went to waste because I didn’t end up using them to create Creeper in fondant.

Creeper kind of reminds me of Gumby gone mean, stripped to his basic form:  eighties-style pixels. Who knew that the rudimentary gaming technology of thirty years ago would come back again with a sort of  simple elegance? Plus, S liked the cake, mostly because we picked the right mine game. That, despite all the mind games. (:


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4 responses to “Minecraft fondant cake

  1. Us

    Clever, clever YOU! I’d still like to see the fondant frosting process…

  2. Amy S

    Very cool!! Chad was over the moon w/ his pie. You truly are the best!

  3. Sonja

    Just check out Marshmallow Fondant on line and you will be amazed how easy and cheap fondant can be!

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